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Fever after swimming fever after swimming

2022-06-25 10:07Asian Swimming Championships
Summary: Fever after swimmingEspecially in summer. Because swimming is a lot of exercise. Fever is normal. Maybe it's summer! You can reduce the amount of exercise and lower the temperature of the bath. In
Fever after swimming
Especially in summer. Because swimming is a lot of exercise. Fever is normal. Maybe it's summer! You can reduce the amount of exercise and lower the temperature of the bath. In addition, after swimming, relax and swim for at least 200 metersIs the fever after swimming internal heat or cold
Swimming in cold water will conFever after swimming  fever after swimmingsume a lot of energy. When you go ashore and are blown by the wind, you are prone to catch cold, cold and fever. This fever belongs to cold and heat. Because if the swimming time is relatively long and the amount of swimming is relatively large, it will consume most of the heat energy of the body. When you go ashore, you will carry water with you and be blown awayFever after swimming  fever after swimming by the wind, which will take away the only heat left in your bodyWhy does the whole body get hot when swiFever after swimming  fever after swimmingmming
This shows that your exercise is just right. It's nothing. In your case, the water temperature in the swimming pool may be a little high. Generally, when the temperature in the swimming pool is 26.5 degrees in summer, it is the most suitable temperature for exercise, which can well alleviate the problem of body warming. Like some convalescent swimming pools, the temperature is much higher than thisWhat is the cause of fever after swimming
In summer, the hot weather, sweating and humid ear canal environment create favorable conditions for bacterial reproduction. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, it is likely to cause otitis media and otitis media. Summer is the most common season for otitis media. People who love sweating and often swim should pay more attention to hygiene and protect their ears and nose when swimming. Hard object pullFever after swimming  fever after swimminging is prohibitedIs it normal to have fever after swimming
Fever after swimming is normal. Human skeletal muscle will produce heat during exercise; At the same time, in water, the body loses some heat. When the heat generated is equal to the heat lostAfter swimming, how does the whole body get hot and the back itch return a responsibility
On the one hand, it may be related to your constitution. It may be allergic constitution. Generally, swimming pools are disinfected with chlorine containing disinfectants. Some people are prone to allergies. The chemicals used in swimming pools can cause allergiesHow does the child have a fever after swimming
If the temperature is less than 38.5 ℃, you can drink more hot water, or boil some ginger tea brown sugar water to make you sweat. If the temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, give the child some antipyretic medicine and observe again. Don't drink too much antipyretic medicine. Follow the instructionsWhat about fever after swimming, child
This situation may be caused by the fact that you haven't done a good job in keeping warm after swimming, and you have caught a cold. At this time, the child's temperature can be measured. If the temperature does not exceed 385 ℃, physical cooling can be carried outThere are several causes of fever after swimming
It may be that the patient did not dry his body in time after swimming, resulting in fever caused by cold and blowing. Or the patient accidentally drank the unclean water in the swimming pool during swimming, causing the patient to have bacterial infectionWhy can you have a fever after swimming
In the process of swimming, children often choke or even swallow a lot of water. Generally speaking, the swimming pool has a large flow of people, and the pool water is not very mobile. There are many bacteria breeding. If the child is choked by water, maybe he just coughs a few times, but if there is a lot of water entering the respiratory tract
Fever after swimming fever after swimming

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